James Galen Clark

About Me:

I am a CG Generalist with a focus in Modeling, Texturing, Lookdev and Lighting. I also dabble in compositing and am interested in expanding my knowledge of matte painting, compositing, rigging and cloth simulation.

I enjoy working in studios that specialize in vfx and/or animation; where I can utilize my current skills and have an opportunity to grow and strengthen my talents as a generalist, or within a specific discipline.


Nov. 2016-Present                Generlist TD, Double Negative,                                                                                        Vancouver BC

· Currently working as a Generalist TD, with a primary focus on lighting and scene build related troubleshooting in Houdini.

· Other duties include modeling and texturing of environment assets in Maya and Mari; lookdev of assets and lighting scenes in Houdini; and slap-comps in Nuke.

April 2015-Nov. 2016                CG Artist, Pixomondo,                                                                                        Stuttgart Germany

· Worked as a CG Generalist on several high profile films and tv shows and was a lead on a product visualization rendering project.

· Duties included modeling, texturing and lookdev on characters/digital doubles and props; modeling, texturing, lookdev and lighting on environments. Worked from scans, concepts and/or photo reference.

· Primary software packages were 3DS Max and VRay; secondary tools included Maya, ZBrush and Mari.

April 2014-April 2015                CG Artist, Mixamo,                                                                                               San Francisco Ca.

· Modeling and texturing assets for Mixamo Fuse.

March 2014-April 2014        CG Artist, Origin Digital Studios,                                                                  Burbank Ca.

· Modeling, texturing, layout and lighting for Fox’s “Hieroglyph.”

March 2014-Present              CG Artist, Roblox,                                                                                                 San Mateo Ca.

· Modeling and texturing game assets.

July 2012-Feb. 2016                  CG Artist, Original Stitch,                                                                             San Francisco Ca.

· Create models and renders of customizable dress shirts for online retailer,

· Began the project in 2012 as the sole CG artist for the site and later brought on a Technical Artist to assist with processing of the 3D renders in Nuke for our updated pipeline in 2013.

· Currently in charge of modeling, texturing, production and supervision of the project.

Aug. 2012-May 2013              Resource Assistant, Industrial Light & Magic,                                      San Francisco Ca.

· Monitored studio’s data storage space.

· Handled input, output and tracking of all production data.

· Communicated directly with production, supervisors, artists and IT to provide technical support for each production.

Mar. 2012-July 2012             Desktop Support, Atomic Fiction,                                                              Emeryville Ca.

· Provide support for both Mac OS and Windows platforms.

· Assist with testing new software/techniques, network and email administration, hardware installation, troubleshooting, software licensing, imaging machines, and systems development.


April 2011-Aug. 2011           Technical Administrator, Spy Post,                                                          San Francisco Ca.

· I handled a variety of tasks including 3D modeling, data I/O, and production support.


Jan. 2011-April 2011            Render Wrangler/IT Assistant, Whiskytree,                                         San Rafael Ca.

· Monitored render farm activity for “Thor.”

· Handled various IT tasks from building computers and imaging hard drives to setting up user accounts and network settings.


Jan. 2010                                Data I/O Coordinator, CafeFX,                                                                  Santa Maria Ca.

· Assisted with coordination, asset tracking and data transfer between CafeFX and Sony Pictures Imageworks on “Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.”

· Personally responsible for tracking a complicated set of elements that were rendered at CafeFX Santa Maria and composited at CafeFX Santa Monica.


Dec. 2008-Feb. 2009           Render Wrangler, CafeFX,                                                                        Santa Maria Ca.

· Monitored render farm for the feature films, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and “Final Destination 4 3D.”

· Communicated with IT, artists, programmers, producers and coordinators about render farm activity.


Feb. 2008-June 2008         Render Wrangler, CafeFX,                                                                        Santa Maria Ca.

· Monitored render farm activity for the John Woo epic, “Red Cliff.”

· Designed a render tracking system to survey important jobs and record daily render farm activity in Excel.


Oct. 2007-Dec. 2007           Matte Painting Intern, Photon VFX,                                                     Queensland Australia

· Positioned backgrounds in scenes for the BBC animated series, “Animalia.”

· Checked completed renders for missing and incomplete frames.




2012                                Coursework, City College of San Francisco,

Coursework in Unix and Linux.

2009-2011                     MFA, Academy of Art University, 3D Modeling

Studied concepting, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, shading and digital painting.

2006-2007                    Coursework, West Valley College,

Coursework in Computer Art and Computer Animation.

2001-2006                     BA, University of California Los Angeles, Fine Art

Studied a variety of Fine Art media including drawing, painting, photography and new genres.  Primary focus was 3-dimensional ceramics and sculpture.




            Intermediate   · Maya · 3DS Max · Houdini (lighting) · Modo · VRay · Zbrush · Marvelous Designer · Mari · Photoshop · Illustrator

            Beginner           · Nuke · After Effects · Final Cut




            Intermediate   · Linux/Unix · Mac OS · Windows

            Beginner           · Shell Scripting · MEL · Python




            · Strong leadership and teamwork skills · Follows directions well · Fast learner

            · Creative problem solver · Passionate work ethic · Excellent communicator



            VFX Club President, Academy of Art University                                       2010-2011