Freelance Work


Character Modeling: Mixamo Troll

As a member of the closed, freelance group of Mixamo Fuse content creators, I created this character for the Mixamo Fuse Marketplace. Modeled in Modo and zBrush.


 Digital Tailoring, Modeling and Baking: Mixamo Fuse Clothing


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Fuse is a software designed to help game developers and animators quickly create unique, customizable characters. I helped create content for Fuse by modeling high-res clothing, baking normal maps and material masks to low-res, game ready models.


CG Generalist, Origin Digital Studios: Fox Hieroglyph Pilot


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These are some samples of some of my w.i.p. from the pilot for the cancelled Fox drama, Hieroglyph. My contributions included modeling from SketchUp data, modeling from photo reference, texturing, shading and layout of the statues and buildings.
These assets were designed to be passed to the show’s Matte Painter, but unfortunately Fox decided to cancel the pilot before it was completed. So my work was never able to reach the small screen.


Digital Tailoring and Rendering Product Visualization: Original Stitch



For this project I modeled dress shirts with over 120 customizable options and have rendered hundreds of fabric options. I modeled this shirt using Marvelous Designer and Maya, and supervised production of the pipeline with my Technical Artist. I have been producing renders for Original Stitch since 2012 and have rendered hundred of different fabric options.

Our work can be viewed on Blueflamme’s retail site, For more information, please message me from my contact page.


 Hard Surface Model, Texturing and Shading: Mospeada Tentacle


I concepted, modeled, and textured the robotic tentacle for this shot.